Upcoming Events

The Master's Student Research Group (MSRG), appointed by Dr. C. Gabrielle Salfati and Dr. Diana Falkenbach, is an organization of current MA Forensic Psychology graduate students who work to facilitate and promote student research at the graduate level.

Each year the Master's Student Research Group works to achieve several goals:
  • Increase student awareness and involvement in research
  • Promote both research and professional development at the undergraduate and graduate level
  • Act as a liaison between the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral student body
  • Provide general support for incoming and current graduate students by disseminating important information through professional events and panels
  • Expand upon the Annual MA Student Research Conference and provide students with an opportunity to present their research

Traditionally, MSRG hosts a variety of events which address each of the groups goals. These events include a Faculty Research Information Session, Guest Speaker Lecture, Conference Submission Information Session, PhD Application Information Session, Poster/Presentation Workshop, Professional Development/Career Fairs, Coffee Hours, and the Annual MA Student Research Conference. For a full list of Current and Past events please see the events page. 

The Annual MA Student Research Conference is hosted each year by the MSRG. This event acts as a symposium for student researchers to showcase their work to fellow students, faculty members, staff, the community, and professionals in the forensic psychology field. The annual planning and execution of this event in May is a major task of the MSRG.

Each year, the MSRG has worked to improve upon the existing level of academic excellence at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and as a result, their efforts have provided more opportunities to other students. 

At this time, the 2017-2018 MSRG would like to thank the previous groups for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the years.