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The Silent False Confessions: When Innocent Plead Guilty

Paraphilia and Criminal Signature: Thematic-Derivative Progression



CASAC Information Session
Come learn about the CASAC (Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) track - including course requirements, fellowship opportunities, and OASES-acceptable externships! Dr. Daniel Yalisove will be presenting! 

DAY: Wednesday, March 8th --> that's tomorrow! 

TIME: 1:40PM (it's ok if you need to be a few minutes late!) 

LOCATION:  New Building, 1.124 

Externship Information Session 
Do you plan to start your externship next semester?  Or the semester after that?  
Do you know the externship requirements? 
Do you realize that you CANNOT register yourself for the externship courses in CUNYFirst without permission first?  

Come get the answers to ALL of the questions this THURSDAY EVENING at my EXTERNSHIP INFO SESSION! Co-presented with FCSG (Forensic Student Counseling Group) + MSRG (Master’s Student Research Group). 

Here are the details: 

DAY: Thursday, February 23rd--> mark you calendar, set a reminder in your phone! 
TIME: 6PM-7PM (don't worry about arriving a few minutes late, just be sure to attend!) 
LOCATION: Psychology Conference Room 10th Floor, 10.65.36 

ALL MA students are welcome: FMHC + FPMA + BA/MA + MA/JD. All requirements will be explained! No need to bring anything with you. 

Excellence Fee Event 
All attendees should RSVP

Interview Prep Session 

Do you have an interview coming up for an externship, or part time/full time job?  Do you know how to prepare for it?  What do to afterwards?  What if you have a phone or Skype interview? 

Come learn how to properly PREPARE, PERFORM, and FOLLOW-UP at my INTERVIEW PREP WORKSHOP!

DAY: Thursday, March 16th --> That's tomorrow! 
TIME: 1:40PM -2:40PM (it's ok if you are a few minutes late)

See you there!  Bring something to write with and on! 
Linked-In Information Session 
How is your LinkedIn profile looking these days?  Do you realize that hiring managers most definitely Google your name and review your online presence? Take advantage of this by creating or updating your Linkedin Profile! How? Come to my LINKEDIN PROFILE WORKSHOP! 

Here are the details: 

DAY: Thursday, March 23rd 
TIME: 1:40PM-2:40PM 
LOCATION: 10.65.36 (The Conference Room in the Psychology Department) 

Excellence Fee Event 
Please be sure to RSVP HERE

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