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Call for 2013-2014 MSRG Applications

posted Mar 17, 2013, 6:49 PM by MSRG Technology Coordinator
The Master’s Student Research Group is looking for self-motivated students who want to be part of and to expand the student research community at John Jay by joining the MSRG as new mentors for the next academic year (Fall ‘13 – Spring ’14).

The benefits to being part of the M  Student Research Group include:
  • having an opportunity to network with various members of the John Jay community, including peers, professors and administrative faculty
  • adding a leadership position to your CV or resume
  • being involved in the planning and implementation of activities outside the classroom or research lab
  • learning how to organize events such as information sessions and a professional psychology conference
  • improving highly-valued skills such as public speaking and budget planning

All MSRG members are expected to assist with the following activities:
  • organizing and conducting information sessions for students, which requires contacting professors, fellow students, and other relevant people (e.g. Ph.D. students), gathering other pertinent information, and constructing PowerPoint presentations
  • serving as a peer mentor to incoming MA students; including compiling information about the program relevant to international students
  • budgeting for the MA Conference and other events throughout the year communicating with college faculty members and responding to students' emails and questions
  • developing and implementing ideas for future events and avenues for the group
  • organizing the MA Student Research Conference
  • peer advisement regarding academics, research, and future career opportunities
  • organizing social events to enrich students’ social life and facilitate student networking

We are looking to fill the following roles:

MSRG Coordinator
  • assign incoming students a mentor
  • develop emails to be posted on MA listserv
  • take minutes during all MSRG meetings
  • book rooms for all MSRG events
  • liaison between MSRG and Graduate Studies
Technology Coordinator
  • website maintenance
  • create and maintaining the MSRG calendar
  • management of the MSRG email
Alumni/Faculty Coordinator
  • contact faculty members regarding whether they need RA’s or are accepting thesis students and requirements for each
  • contact faculty members regarding where their previous thesis students went after graduating from the program
  • reach out to Alumni Relations to see if they have any information about where graduates from the program are finding employment
Professional Development Coordinator
  • contact professors regarding the conferences they attend annually
  • compile a list of conferences including their dates, time, places, registration, fees and deadlines, and submission deadlines and requirements
  • create a PowerPoint of the above listed information and present it to students
  • liaise with the graduate career advisor regarding CV development and co-present with her on this topic to students

To qualify for MSRG, you must be:
  • a student in the MA program
  • able to commit to MSRG through May 2014 and available during peak times of the day if needed
  • a thesis track student
  • available on May 2nd from 11:30 a.m. until the end of the day for interviews
  • we encourage students on the dual thesis/externship track and international students to apply for a position
Candidates must be highly motivated and energetic, involved in research at the college, plan on completing a thesis, work well in a team environment, and have excellent time management skills.

If you are interested, please send your GPA, the name of your thesis advisor, your CV and a short statement to msrg@jjay.cuny.edu before April 15th at 5pm.  Include in your statement the specific position for which you are applying (you may apply to multiple positions, but please rank them in your order of preference), why you believe you are qualified according to the above-mentioned duties, how you see yourself helping the MSRG evolve in the John Jay community, and any ways that you would like to further develop MSRG.

Thank you,
MA Student Research Group