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Please browse the FAQs list to learn more about research, the graduate level thesis, and for other important information.  

Interested in applying to a PhD or PsyD program?  Learn more about this process by visiting our Applying to Doctoral Programs page.

John Jay College students interested in pursuing the thesis track are required to follow specific procedures, and submit certain forms to the College. Please contact the Forensic Psychology Master's Office for the forms.

Scholarship Opportunities for Graduate Students
The Scholarship Office at John Jay College posts information about various scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students, including research scholarships. Please visit the Scholarship Opportunities page for more information.

Career Services for Graduate Students
The Center for Career & Professional Development at John Jay College offers an array of services to graduate students, including one-on-one job search assistance and career counseling. Please visit the Graduate Student Career Services page for more information.

These are some conferences that are recommended for you to check out. They are outside of John Jay and allow students to network and see what presentations are like in a professional setting. Sometimes students can even present.

Check out the departmental newsletter with information about past and present events at John Jay, as well as interviews with staff and students. 

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